Welcome to MetroCon 2016!

MetroCon is an annual engineering conference hosted by IEEE-Fort Worth. The conference’s aim is to educate engineers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex on the latest developments in science, engineering, and technology.

A Comprehensive Engineering Conference

Metrocon 2016 will include seven parallel tracks, and is already looking to include one of the strongest programs ever! Attendees will have the opportunity to rapidly grasp the technical and societal implications of some of the most promising and innovative new developments and ideas. Each track has been organized into well coordinated morning and afternoon sessions designed to achieve maximum exposure in minimum time.

Exciting Track Offerings

  1. Emerging Technologies
  2. Software and Systems Engineering
  3. Developing and Deploying Secure Systems
  4. Power & Energy Systems
  5. Computational Intelligence
  6. Biotechnologies
  7. Financial Management and Professional Development

Technical Program Pre-Conference Warm-up

Visit with Colonel Mason from the Science News Network in pre-conference interviews with our MetroCon invited speakers and guests.  Colonel Mason guides our speakers through an interesting and sometimes provocative discussion of their topics.