MetroCon 2016 Committee



MetroCon General Chair/Publications Diane Bowen Collier
Technical Programs Coordinator/Publications Mike Siok
Patron Chair/Past Chair Tim O’Conner
Publicity/PR Chair Colonel Mason
Webmaster/Publications Scott Clements
Social Media Chair Scott McKee
Finance Chair Dan Cowan
Finance Co-Chair Jim Bandy
Project Management Peter Adejokun
Keynote/Plenary Sessions Chair Ian (Tony) Brown
Smart Device App/Exhibits Chair Tonesha Smith

Track Chairs

Emerging Technologies Chair Brent Rager
Emerging Technologies Co-Chair Brittany Bailey
Software and Systems Chair Steve Carr
Software and Systems Co-Chair Pascale Rondot
Developing and Deploying Secure Systems Chair Phillip Todd
Developing and Deploying Secure Systems Co-Chair Princy Mehta
Power and Energy Chair Power Zhao
Power and Energy Co-Chair Michael Stephens
Computational Intelligence Chair Oscar Garcia
Computational Intelligence Co-Chair Ed Safford
Biotechnologies Chair Dan Dimitrijevich
Biotechnologies Co-Chair Iok-Hou Pang
Biotechnologies Co-Chair Karol Grycznski
Financial and Professional Development Chair Tyler Davis
Financial and Professional Development Co-Chair Tim Watts

Student Program

Student Poster Chair Paul Thomas
Student Paper Chair Russell Kegley
Student Volunteer Coordinator Will Frank


On-Site Registration Coordinator Mary Arbuckle
Registration Volunteer Bill Arbuckle
Registration Volunteer Jerry Bowen
Registration Volunteer Donna Straker
Registration Volunteer LeeAnne Blackwood


Metrics and Technical Feedback Chair Michell Maddox
Metrics/Keynote Committee Gene Bibb
Metrics Valerie Payne
Metrics Juanita Winfrey
Metrics/Keynote Committee Jolie Feng
Metrics Angela Ivery